About us

Morozoff Gulf

Established in Japan Since 1931
Since the opening of its first chocolate and candy shop in 1931, Morozoff has enriched our lives with a wide range of confectionery products. In keeping with our corporate ideal of the sweets of romance, dedicated artisans with painstaking care, drawing on long tradition and rich experience, in order to bring you the very best products, make Morozoff products. At Morozoff, we believe that only a healthy and happy company can produce delicious sweets. We go to great lengths to produce authentic tastes backed by superior service. Morozoff always has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful place that keeps drawing its customers back.


Always the finest ingredients Blended together in harmony – Brimming With Romance.
Morozoff has always taken pride in using only the finest ingredients, crafting sweets with absolutely no compromises in quality. Our flagship cookie line, the Arcadia, perfectly illustrates this commitment to quality: the unique aroma complemented by nuts; the light texture; and the rich, full taste that testifies to the quality of the ingredients and our care and attention.Each and every one of our confectionery products boasts a refined, rich flavor and a soothing aura of harmony that’s guaranteed to add elegance and pleasure to your after-lunch snack or leisure hours.


The same delicious flavors, the same wonderful memories. Morozoff desserts have established a solid reputation in the marketplace. The beloved puddings sold today in clear glass cups are descendants of the original Morozoff product, once nicknamed “Deka Pudding,” a huge hit with young schoolgirls in Kobe in 1968. Similarly, the original, high quality taste of our cheesecake and chocolate mousse desserts has changed little over the years. This regard for tradition coexists harmoniously with constant innovations in varieties of products and flavors.
At Morozoff, our goal is to make confectionery products that are in keeping with the times, but retain a sense of tradition and recall those wonderful memories.


The chocolate that tells a thousand stories, then and now Chocolate appears in myths and fables as the food of the gods. In those days, the drink known as chocolate was prepared by boiling powdered cocoa beans, corn, and pepper, and adding flavor from crushed vanilla beans. The result was an expensive and precious brew, initially popular among the aristocrats and royalty. From these beginnings evolved the chocolate we know and enjoy today.
At Morozoff. we see ourselves as stewards of this long history and grand tradition. By continuing to make quality chocolates, we hope to add to the rich collection of stories surrounding chocolate.