Our Story

  1. The Beginning

    In the 1920s, a Russian family became really popular in Japan for their fine chocolates. When life is good, Russians use a saying that is translated as “Everything is covered in chocolate.” Professional chocolatiers would of course perceive this as a joke, since their business has its share of ups and downs. However, the story of the Morozoffs confectioner family is probably the sweetest example of Russian immigrants achieving success in Japan.

  2. The Takeoff

    Fyodor Morozoff had started as a peddler, before establishing a small confectionery production business in Kobe in 1926. His main competition was another white émigré, Makar Goncharoff, who had opened a similar shop a year earlier. Both companies started producing and selling Romanovs’ chocolate in Japan, achieving considerable success.

  3. Rise of Morozoff

    Morozoff Ltd, the company founded by Fyodor Morozoff, is a major confectionery manufacturer in Japan and has been under Japanese management since the 1930s.

  4. The Strong Survive

    The Morozoff family had to start anew after the Second World War as their shops and confection-making units were destroyed in the American bombing of Kobe. In 1947, the company even received an order from the Japanese Imperial Court!

  5. Capturing all dimensions

    Morozoff is gaining popularity and becoming well known not only in Japan but in the whole world as the company that introduced and popularized Valentines Day in 1936. After the huge success people now use Morozoff for all kind of events either if its a Valentine Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Happy New Year or a party etc.

  6. Morozoff Today!

    Morozoff Limited is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sale of western confectionery. The Company operates in two business segments. The Western Confectionery Manufacturing and Sales segment manufactures and sells dry confectioneries, such as chocolates, candy, baked cakes, desserts and sweets samplers, as well as unbaked confectioneries, such as cheese cakes and puddings, among others. The Cafe and Restaurant segment provides cakes, coffees, pastas and other food services. The Company operates direct management stores, licensed stores, cafes and restaurant.