Arcadia 270gm

AED 18500 AED 14800

Aromatic, flavorsome baked sweet ideal for a pleasant tea break. Light, delicate dough made with egg whites
mixed with a generous amount of roast nuts baked to a crisp finish. The amount and size of the nuts used in each cookie have been carefully selected to achieve the satisfying nutty crunch and aromatic flavor. Enjoy the taste of one of Morozoffʼs long-time favourites.

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Cookie dough mixed with roast almonds and topped with a whole almond for a satisfying crunch.

Cashew nuts
Baked with sweet roast cashews for a crisp, light taste.

Mixed nuts
This cookie packs a variety of flavors, including macadamia nut, almond, cashew and coconut.

Chocolate chip
Chocolate and almond. A match made in heaven for a more intense flavor.


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